Under the Dome – Stephen King

24 02 2010

Library book

So, this is the book that started the blog.

I was in the library recently picking up a book I had on hold and saw this in the new release section. I almost didn’t take it out, not because of the length of it, over 1,000 pages but because the last time I read Stephen King I swore I would never read him again.

Boy, am I glad I took the chance on this one. The reason I had decided that I wouldn’t read any more of his books is that they seemed to be variations on the same theme and I was also having a hard time with his use of slang and I guess what were supposed to be the characters personal speech idiosyncracies.

I have to say that I really enjoyed Under the Dome by Stephen King. For me, this one was back to the Stephen King that I have been a fan of since I was a teenager. Yes it was long and sure some of the sub-plots could have been left out and the story would not have been less interesting, but the main characters were well drawn out, the description of the town and its inhabitants was great and his true grasp of the human condition really shone through. There were times when it got so ugly I wanted to put it down, or so frightening on a psychological scale that I wanted to stop reading it but I was totally hooked.

I think Stephen King was right on the money with his portrayal of mob mentality and human nature. The “good” people trying to do the right thing¬†and the “bad” people who know how to use fear and anger for their own purposes.

The end was a bit weak but really I can’t see another way he could have ended it.¬†

So, hats off to Stephen King for this one, a return to the old style that I love.