The Worst Book Ever ….

10 03 2010

Angel Time by Anne Rice has got to be the worst book I have read since Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe.  Only Bonfire of the Vanities turned out to be great and this one was a total dud.

It just went on and on and on and never got anywhere.  What was that supposed to be about and exactly what lesson was Anne Rice trying to get across with it.

This is the blurb from the book jacket:  Anne Rice returns to the mesmerizing storytelling that has captivated readers for more than three decades in a tale of unceasing suspense set in a time past – a metaphysical thriller about angels and assassins.

The novel opens in the present. At its center: Toby O’Dare – a contract killer of underground fame on assignment to kill once again. A soulless soul, a dead man walking, he lives under a series of aliases – just now: Lucky the Fox – and takes his orders from “The Right Man”.

Into O’Dare’s nightmarish world of lone and lethal missions comes a mysterious stranger, a seraph, who offers him a chance to save rather than destroy lives. O’Dare who long ago dreamt of being a priest but instead came to embody danger and violence, siezes his chance. Now he is carried back through the ages to thirteenth century England, to dark realms where accusations of ritual murder have been made against Jews, where children die or disappear… In this primitive setting, O’Dare begins his perilous quest for salvation, a journey of danger and flight, loyalty and betrayal, selflessness and love.

Blah, blah, blah.  Unceasing suspense my foot!  This book has no real story and goes no where slowly.  Thank goodness it was short, I felt obliged to finish it because I could not believe how awful it was. I kept hoping that like Bonfire of the Vanities it would eventually pick up and make me glad to have perservered and been a  book that I enjoyed and got the message from. Angel Time did not do that at all.  It could have been an excellent book, Anne Rice is a good author who knows how to control and guide her readers.  This book fell so short of the mark. 

I feel that the publishing company has taken advantage of me and Anne Rice’s millions of fans and dedicated readers.  If this book had been written by a new or unpublished writer it would never have been considered as worthy of being put in print. 

If you are an Anne Rice fan and follower like me, don’t read this one you will be sorely disappointed.

Book from my personal collection.


The Host – Stephenie Meyer

8 03 2010

I recently finished reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  I don’t know why it has been so difficult for me to sit down and actually write some commentary about this book.  I really, really loved this story.  I have read all of the Twilight Saga, so I expected to like it, but I was really surprised by how much I liked it.

This was one of those books that you don’t want to end, you really want to know how it concludes but you hate to finish the last sentence.  When I find a book like that it takes me a while before I can pick up the next book because I am still absorbing and also freeing myself of my involvement with the story and the characters.

I have been a Science Fiction fan for a long time and this book is a great addition to the genre.  The story was very meaty and well developed.  The characters were strong and most of them are easy to like and empathize with, the antagonists are also well- developed bad guys and you want them to fail.  You also feel the frustration and fear of the main characters when they are interacting with the bad characters.

Some of this book is cloyingly sweet, Wanda’s (Wanderer’s) altruism is hard to come to grips with as a “human”.  But her host body’s fighting spirit is great and the way their relationship blooms and grows really leads the story onwards to its conclusion.  I was surprised to find that the ending was a tear-jerker, I didn’t expect it.

When I finished this book I visited Stephenie Meyer’s website and it mentions that this book is going to be made in to a movie.  Well, I can’t wait to see it.  I would recommend this book to anyone, it was a quick, easy but thoughtful read.

Book borrowed from the library.