New York – Edward Rutherford

10 08 2010

Reading New York was the first time I had decided to brave one of Edward Rutherford’s epic novels. I had to read it as it was about my home town and I have a hard time resisting anything about New York City, the place that lives in me no matter how much I travel or how many wonderful cities I have had the luck and honor to live in.

I really could not put it down. It is nearly 900 pages long and yet I finished it in a just 3 days. This book was not only great entertainment but also a great course in the history of NYC from the first Dutch settlers through to the present day. The family that Rutherford wove in to the story and followed from their roots in the colonies to their rise and fall in the ranks of the old families of New York was easy to envision. Not all of the characters were lovable or easy to empathize with but all of them were people I could imagine coming into contact with in my home town.

He did such a great job of explaining New York’s importance to trade, finance and industry and how it became the such a big player in international scene.

It did make me home sick, but most importantly, it made me want to take on his other novels.  I have London and Sarum on my personal bookshelves, I will have to pick one of them up soon.

Book borrowed from the library.