About Me

My name is Bethany Coleman. I have been a complete book junkie since I first learned to read. I felt like reading opened up a whole new world to me. When I first learned to read we still lived in NYC and I can remember driving through the city with my parents and reading every billboard and store sign as we passed. If I wasn’t doing that I was reading a book, and no it didn’t make me car sick. I used to wake up early every day so I could read before having to get ready for school. I read everything I could get my hands on and my code has always been if it hooks me in the first 25 pages I will finish it.

I have been keeping a book log since 1990. I wish I had been doing it since I started reading. All my logs are listed on their own pages by year.

I read mainly fiction but I like biography, political commentary and some non-fiction. You will see from my reading lists that I am not into Self-Help.

I have also included here a section on cookbooks where I will talk about cooking and review the books I have or that I borrow from the library. My second great passion after reading is definitely food and by default – cooking.

I hope you enjoy my musings, I am sure I will enjoy hearing from you.

Happy Reading!!!


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27 02 2010
Sian Haskell

think this is abrilliant site – will send a link to my friend as she too is a bookworm! Going to get megan to start writing a log of all her books – she has read so far The Enchanted Wood, The Faraway Tree and is nearly at the end of The Folk of The Faraway Tree. She is loving Enid Blyton so far and it brings back lovely memories for me too when we read together. Mostly she reads before bedtime on her own. Loving the website keep up the good work.

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