The Silence of the Lambs – Thomas Harris

5 09 2010

I reread Silence of the Lambs recently as part of the Killer-Thriller Challenge I am doing with a friend.  Despite the fact that I usually have a strict rule against rereading books (why reread when there are so many good books out there) as part of the challenge we agreed it was necessary to do it.  I am so glad that I did read this again.  I read this for the first time probably in 1990, unbelievably I bought it from the Barnes and Nobles Bargain Bins.  I loved it the first time. It has such great atmosphere and characters.  However, what I had forgotten was that it also had great wit and that Harris’s language was so descriptive.

Well, there are 30 books for me to reread on the list so I am happy to say that the experience of reading SoL for the second time was a good one.  I picked up so much more from it then I remembered from the first time around and also realized that despite how good the movie was the book is so much better. Hopefully, the other 29 will prove to be as enjoyable the second time as well.

Book borrowed from the library.




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